We now offer physical therapy with Paul Jaques of Precision Physical Therapy. He is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, board certified orthopedic clinical specialist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, Chiseled Spirit CrossFit member, and husband of coach Kari Jaques.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy uses a combination of hands-on treatment (manual therapy), carefully selected exercise (therapeutic exercise), and occasionally other modalities (electrical stimulation, cupping, etc.) to help reduce pain, and restore function and performance.

Advantages of Precision Physical Therapy, LLC

1 on 1 personalized care: – Careful attention to detail; your injury history, current symptoms, and your goals.

Thorough examinations allowing for precise treatments to address the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Knowledgeable and experienced management of fitness and athletic-related injuries – learning about your injury is key for a speedy recovery and prevention of recurrence.

Fair and affordable pricing – especially for those with high deductibles insurance plans. Traditional insurance-based care physical therapy charges are $200-250 per session, but Precision Physical Therapy rates are between $50-100 per session.

 Session Type Standard Insurance-based Rate Precision PT Introductory Rates
New Patient Exam $200-250 $50(low complexity)  $100(high complexity)
45min of treatment $200-250 $60-75
Example 6 session course Exam: $200 – 4 sessions at $200: $800 – Total: $1000 Exam: $75 – 4 sessions at $75: $300 – Total: $375

Additional fitness/wellness services include:

Movement analysis: Using slow motion video analysis, we carefully examine and breakdown movements/exercises (overhead squat, snatch, clean, etc.) to determine if significant technique flaws or mobility deficits exist. This allows for the precise prescription of exercises or stretches to help correct these problems.

Body work: Stretching, soft tissue mobilization applied manually (like massage), via percussion-vibration instrument, or cupping to help reduce muscle soreness and improve flexibility.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals